How to obtain the stablest VPN software for Mac and is it worth paying?

Firstly, let’s try to explain what a VPN is. This is a special “cable” linking your device and the world web, which delivers your connection safe and secure. The VPN means virtual private reality. When you connect to the Wi-Fi, this system runs overhead the network, all private data is being locked and nobody can steal it. 

Why do we need to use such protection system? 

  • It allows us to visit blocked pages in your country
  • It protects you again robberies, who seek your logins, passwords, cards numbers while using public Wi-Fi
  • It hides your real location
  • Nobody can follow you
  • It blocks all your info and online activities

Virtual Network is available for all devices. Such program for Mac is easy to arrange. You don’t need to own technical skills to install it, so do not worry. All you have to do is to choose a company and the most suitable plan, pay and connect. You can use it even if you know nothing about modern technologies as it is simple. 

What is the Best Mac VPN software?

This is a quite difficult question as you should try several programs and understand which one is the best and satisfies your demands.

Nowadays, there a variety of soft for Mac, some of them cheaper, some offer more options, etc. You have to set a special list of requirements and try at least 5 different best softs. Here are some of the most popular on a market:

Clario Real-time protection, early bird offer – 50% discount
HotSpot Shield Free promo version, nice design, expensive
Express VPN Split tunneling 
Cyber Ghost  A lot of features but the price is high
Nord VPN Good design but rather expensive


All companies are struggling for their users and some of them are ready to offer a 50% discount if you book a particular plan earlier, some software has a stylish design, you have to cover its expenses. For example, if you want to expand your Mac possibilities, you will pay more, as usual, you get just a standard set of features. Also, buying a family plan you can save a good amount of money. For instance, Clario has the best family plan, so you can ensure all members of your household and protect up to 5 devices. This is a smart option if you have kids, who are using tablets every day and can visit dangerous websites or click a link just by accident. 


Anyway, before you buy a VPN, you have to check it. 

May the best VPN product for Mac be free? No.

If you want to get the best service – you have to pay. The digital market has the same rules as a regular one. If you want to get a high-quality product – be ready to pay. Again, everything depends on your needs. If it is enough to use some basic options, try the free version. You can upgrade your plan at any time and use the best program ever. 

How does the VPN software for Mac work?

Involving a VPN on your Mac, nobody will identify your real IP-address. What do you win? Your connection will get encrypted and nobody can track your data that you export or download. What does encryption mean? The right question, as many of us, have no idea what it is and what to do with it. This is a special way to hide readable text and turn it into many codes. There are 3 main types of code but all of them are useful for your work and absolutely useless for other people, as they do not catch the message. 

Also, many services have a special tool – additional protection DNS. It allows putting a short name of the website instead of the long code. DNS system was developed to interfere with thefts in their fraud actions. 

How to pick the Best product for Mac?

You have to take into consideration some points such as:

  • Reputation (Read feedbacks of other users and surveys. Make sure that it is authentic)
  • The common IP-addresses 
  • Servers (The more servers they have the faster connection you get and as a result, the websites will be opened quicker)
  • Encryption (AES – 256 is the best now)
  • Customer support 
  • Functions (Some the programs don’t work simultaneously with BitTorrent, etc)
  • Free promo version (Continuously utilize it to test the software)

Now you understand what Virtual Network is and its main principle of work and reason your Mac needs it. Take the best for your Mac and enjoy the virtual life. Remember, confidentiality is your right and you must defend for it.