How to change the IP address on Mac?


First of all, the IP address is an Internet Protocol Address. Truly, this is a unique code that every Mac has. Why do we need it? This helps to identify the laptop. For instance, in real life while forwarding a letter – specific receiver must receive it, thus to avoid mistakes in this process, every Macbook must have its name – IP address as well. Who puts this location to your Mac? Usually, the router does it. Nevertheless, you are able to edit it manually on your Macbook. While surfing the net, your internet provider will determine it. 

IP contains 4 numbers that are separated with dots. Moreover, the technologies are fast developing and nowadays the unique code is being created with 6 numbers. If you want to know your location you use Google and search for “my IP address”. This is the easiest way.

How can you switch the IP location on Macbook?

You may do it toward the “system choices”. Find “network”, press “advanced” on the right bottom, then TCP/IP, update it “manually” and confirm. That’s all.

How to change the IP address on Mac pro air with Clario?

Currently, you change your place in several clicks on your own but what for? If you can install for example Clario. What does it give you? Having Clario on your laptop, you protect your IOS, besides your personal data, you might use a VPN, antivirus system, ads blocking system. To become a user you should have a special code and account. 

Firstly, choose your plan, after purchasing, your licenses will be sent together with the code to your email. Then you go to Clario and press “enter activation code”, put your code 16 digits and apply. Make your personal account with the email or just connect your FB profile. Log in and check whether your Clario is activated. In the tab “find and fix” there must be already a “fix items safely” button. If you see it, it’s activated.

Normally, within 5 minutes, the new Clario account is activated. In an unusual situation, you can contact the support team and explain your issue in a live chat. Do not be afraid of new technologies, they are created to make your life happier.  

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