How to change VPN on Mac: 3 helpful tips that you should know


Using Virtual Private Network, the traffic will be securely encrypted, you can enter blocked web pages besides you protect personal data on Macbook and thieves can’t break your private gates. VPN is a specific tool, which permits connecting to the sites through the remote server. Owing to the code this channel provides secret data transportation. What are the advantages of working with a VPN?

  • Security
  • Wide coverage
  • Low costs
  • Simple guide
  • Control of all online actions 

It happens, due to the VPN system, your net connection will be slower than usual. 

Currently, you can find various programs for free but do not be in a rush to get into such pit. As the “free cheese, you find only in the mousetrap”. Keep in mind that you demand real shelter. 

3 tips on how to change the IP address:

  • Anonymous apps 
  • Manually on your Mac (just open the “system preferences” ->“network” -> “update IpV4”)
  • Clario application

If you don’t require to install a VPN on your Mac, you can always apply other tools such as anonymous apps. However, they are not reliable and sometimes they are not able to run across all websites. 

Easy way to change VPN Mac in several steps with Clario

The easiest way is to work with the help of VPN services. Yes, indeed. They change your location immediately. For example, you can try Clario. It offers VPN service, protection, controlling and monitoring options. Having this program on your Mac, you can forget about illegal action from the thieves. But note, to get started you should know some information about Clario.

You should follow two steps: to get an activation code and create an account.

Go to the official site, click “Unlock the full version” and choose a Clario plan. After that, you have to make a purchase and you see the activation code or it will be sent to your email. Download Clario, open it, enter activation code (16 symbols), apply it, create your account. Then you check your Clario license, you have to return to the main menu and find the “find&fix” section if there is  “fix items safely” – it’s ready if not, you have to log in and the license will be activated. Now you are ready with Clario.  

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