How to set up a VPN on Mac with your own fingers


Pay your attention that if you want to install a VPN on Macbook manually, you are supposed to have already an IP address, a login, and the password of a certain product.

In the first step, you should go to Settings on Mac, open “net” and click “+”. After that, you fill up all the necessary lines. In the third step, press the “authentification settings”, then put the general key and identification code of the user, press “OK”, “apply”.

So, now you have a VPN on laptop and all the traffic will go toward the intermediate remote server and you have a path to all web pages, you are interested in. 

How to set up VPN on Mac with the help of service

Before you start, make sure that you have updated IOS on your Mac. You ought to decide which service you want to use. So, if you know already, go to the official web page and install a Virtual Network on your Macbook. When it’s done, sign in, we hope that you have already registered. You will be asked to provide the activation code, you find it in your personal profile. You might allow some notifications or updates if you want, if not just skip this step. Now you are done. You can start your online research. 

The main feature of the VPN providers is the possibility to change many locations. 

Set up VPN on Mac and get a theft protection 

It sounds genial, doesn’t it? You download a VPN service and get a security system as well. Guess what is it? Yes, this is Clario. This is a great treasure for all who want to kill 2 rabbits simultaneously. Unfortunately, you have to pay for Clario. But it is worth. Let’s check how it works?

Attention, here you will need 2 important details: activation code, Clario account. Right after purchasing each customer receive a code. Install Clario, open it, enter the activation code, apply and generate an account. You may also connect your Facebook. Insert login and check the license, it must work. Since now, you can visit any site you only wish. 

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