How to use VPN on Mac: a short introduction


VPN determines as a Virtual Private Network, it might be useful especially if you prefer to work outside and connect not safe networks. For example, most freelancers do their job at the cafes, free zones, restaurants. For sure, we need Wi-Fi and coming to the cafe, firstly we ask for the Wi-Fi key. Usually, it costs nothing for the guests. However, such public connection might be risky for the data which is kept on your Mac. To protect yourself and Mac, use a VPN. It helps to encrypt online actions and it will be impossible to catch and steal information. The VPN is a kind of bridge that unites you to the world net. In case, somebody tries to scan your information, he will capture only strange symbols and can read nothing.

How to use VPN on Mac: Clario guide

Thanks to the fast-developing of the digital world, we have the possibility to choose. Every second we make a decision about where to go, what to do. The same happens when you are searching for a VPN. Yes, you can set up it without any difficulties at home. The first option is to set up on Mac manually but in such case, you must know the IP location, password, type of connection and user name. The second way is to download Clario. Careful, it costs money and it’s good as you get some guarantee.

First of all, you should visit the official site and pick your future plan, after that you make a payment. Don’t forget to install Clario on your Mac. The activation code will be sent on your email address (check the spam folder). After that, open Clario and press “enter activation code”, so now log in. Yes, it is supposed that you have already a profile if not – you can connect your FB profile. When you log in, your personal Clario license will be activated. Now you are a user of Clario.

Why is it better to pay for any app or software?

When you pay for service, you get a kind of insurance from the developers as you reward them for a perfect job. It motivates them to improve service and get more clients in the future. Moreover, you possess the support and can request for help.

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