The main reasons we are obliged to apply hide VPN Mac


The Virtual Private Net makes your surfing anonymous. In a general network, it seems that your IP address is disappearing and nobody can monitor your actions. In such way, you hide your IP address and go over the restricted web pages.

For example, Netflix restricts streaming movies to non-citizens of the USA. So, having a VPN, you replace your current location with the USA. All your data will be encrypted and even if the hacker wants to catch you, he will not be aware of your address. You stay online, safe and happy with VPN.

How to hide a VPN on Mac?

There are several options for you to hide location. You can change it manually, but you have to know a new IP address, password, user name or you can download one of the applications on your laptop. For instance, it might be Express VPN for Safari. You can download it from the official web site. It contains all the necessary options to protect your Mac.

Furthermore, you can test it 30 days free of charge. In case you want to try something new, take Clario. There is one sad point – you should pay. However, you get a full range of services: VPN, web monitoring, protection system against hackers. You need to receive an activation code and make an account. But firstly, visit its site and choose a plan, buy it and the activation number will be sent on your email. You open the program and press “enter the activation code”.

After that, log in to update your license. Keep in mind that in case you are lazy and don’t want to make an account you can connect your Facebook profile. Since now you are ready to surf online.

Hide me VPN Mac and its main trick

On the one hand, it is so nice to get a free program but on the other hand, it may be really dangerous. The developers take care of your comfort and always create something new to attract your attention therefore absolutely free programs that hide IP might let the hackers inside of your laptop and scan your data. Be careful and remember that the mean person pays a double price.

Don’t regret the money, choose a comfortable life first.

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